The Study Visit of the High Council of Justice of Albania (HCJ)



A delegation chaired by Mr. Gjin Gjoni, the members of the HCJ and at the same time the President of the Balkan and Euro-Mediterranean Network of Councils for the Judiciary (BEMNCJ), and composed of other members of the HCJ, who were officially invited by the CJP and paid a study visit to Turkey on 13-14 February 2018.

The guest delegation was hosted at the CJP Plenary Session Meeting Hall by Mr. Mehmet Yılmaz, the Acting President, Mr. Alp Arslan, Mr. Cafer Ergen, and Prof. Dr. Ali Cengiz Köseoğlu, the members of the 2nd Chamber, Mr. Fuzuli Aydoğdu, the Secretary General, and Mrs. Müjgan Karyağdı, the Deputy Secretary General. Within the scope of the meeting, there was an exchange of information on the Albanian and Turkish judicial systems with a sincere and friendly attitude. The guest delegation was informed by the CJP delegation regarding the most recent happenings in the judiciary in Turkey. Both delegations expressed their willingness to improve the relations between the judicial councils. The guest delegation left the CJP after the gift ceramony and the lunch.

In the afternoon session, delegation visited the Chief Public Prosecutor Office of the Court of Cassation. In this visit, delegation hosted by Mr. Mehmet Akarca, the General Prosecutor. Then, a presentation regarding the composition and the functions of the General Prosecutor Office as well as its statue within the judiciary in Turkey was made within the context of the study visit.

In the morning on 14 February 2018, the delegation visited the Justice Academy (JAT), the President of the JAT, Mr. Yılmaz Akçil greeted the delegation and a presentation regarding the traineeship period of candidate judges and public prosecutors was made to the delegation.

 After this visit, the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) was visited by the delegation within the context of the study visit and Mr. Bilal Uçar, the Deputy MofJ hosted the delegation in this visit. The relations between the judicial systems of both countries were evaluated and opinions regarding the most recent happenings in the judiciary of Turkey were shared during the meeting at the Ministry.

The study visit reached its end with the departure of the guest delegation from Turkey on 15 February 2018.


The Council of Judges and Prosecutors | 2016