The 13. Conference of the Balkan and Euro-Mediterranean Network of Councils for the Judiciary

The 13. Conference of the Balkan and Euro-Mediterranean Network of Council for the Judiciary, (BEMNCJ) of which our Council is also a member, was held on 21-22 June 2018 in Budva, Montenegro, with the participation of the network members.

 Our Council was represented in the conference by Prof. Dr. Ali Cengiz Köseoğlu, member of the 2nd Chamber, and Mr. Zeki Uysal,  Rapporteur Judge of the Foreign Affairs and Project Bureau. The conference took start with the opening speeches given by Dr. Mladen Vukcevic, President of the Judiciary Council of Montenegro, Mrs. Vesna Medenica, President of the Supreme Court of Montenegro, and Mr. Marijana Lakovic Draškovic, General Director of the Directorate of Judiciary, Criminal Legislations and Supervision Organisation of the Ministry of Justice of Montenegro.

The topics determined in the previous conference which are“Relationship between the Councils of the Judiciary and the other state institutions concerning scientific relations”, ““The role of the Councils of the Judiciary in the fight against terrorism – The use of social media by judges and prosecutors”were handled  . Accordingly, the member countries adopted some resolutions regarding these topics (Annex 1).

On the first day of the conference, Prof. Dr. Ali Cengiz Köseoğlu gave a presentation on the Role of The Judicial Councils in Fight Against Terrorism and the Use of Social Media by Judges and Prosecutors.

The Judicial Office of Hungary was re-elected to run the secretariat of the Network for three more years.

In addition, the country and the city of the next conference was determined as Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the topics to be dealt with during that conference were determined as follows:

1. The role of the impartiality, integrity, and accountability of the judges and prosecutors as a factor of independence of the Judiciary

2. The future of the electronic proceedings in the judiciary



Annex 1. Decisions and Recommendations


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