People’s Republic Of China Turkish Judges Seminar 2018

People’s Republic of China Turkish Judges Seminar 2018 was organised by Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China and National Chinese Judges Academy between 15-30 August in order to introduce and observe on site the functioning of Chinese judiciary system and to strengthen the relations with Chinese judicial bodies.

In the 45-person delegation presided by Deputy Secretary General of Council of Judges and Prosecutors Mr. Sinan Ekici; Mr. Selçuk Telli, Deputy President of Council of Judges and Prosecutors Inspection Board; Mr. Muhittin Özdemir, President of Victim Rights Chamber of Ministry of Justice General Directorate of Criminal Affairs took place together with CJP Chief Inspectors and Inspectors, CJP Rapporteur Judges, Rapporteur Judges of Ministry of Justice and Head of Chamber of Regional Court of Justice, President of Courts, Judges and Public Prosecutors working in courts.   

Within the framework of the given program, judges of National Court of People’s Republic of China and lecturers of National Chinese Judges Academy organised seminars on International Legal Correspondence, Chinese Criminal Law System, Chinese Traditional Law Culture and Chinese Modern Law Culture, Features of Chinese Civil Law, Chinese Administrative Justice System and Administrative Case System, Chinese Intellectual Property Law System, Chinese Mechanism for Settlement of Various Disputes, Organization System of Chinese Courts and Judge System.

In order to observe Chinese court system on site, besides the aforementioned seminars; Beijing Fengtai Region Court of First Instance, Beijing 4th Secondary Court of Civil Law, National High Court of People, Yiwu Court of People and Hanzhou Court of Internet were visited. During these visits, our delegation watched trials and had an exchange of ideas on court applications with Presidents, Deputy Presidents and Judges of courts.

Our delegation returned to Turkey on 31st August 2018 after having completed its work.



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