23rd Annual Conference and Plenary Meeting of the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP)

International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) which was established in 1995 at UN Office in Vienna and that is the first and only global organisation for prosecutors and has a non-governmental and non-political structure and of which our Council has been an organisational member since 2015, organised its 23rd Annual Conference and Plenary Meeting in South Africa/Johannesburg on 9-13 September 2018.  

Our Council was represented in the abovementioned conference and plenary meeting by Mr. Mehmet Yılmaz, the Acting President and Head of 2nd Chamber; Mr. Fuzuli Aydoğdu, the Secretary General and Mr. Zeki Uysal, Rapporteur Judge at Foreign Relations and Projects Bureau.

Around 400 participants from 99 countries participated in the conference, the main theme of which was “Prosecutorial Independence – the Cornerstone of Justice to the Society”. Following the sub-themes designated and presentations made within the framework of the mentioned main theme, matters were treated in detail with Q&A part, besides the participants were given the opportunity to participate in the optional special interest group sessions. In the morning session of 12th September, Plenary Meeting of the Association was held. (Annex, Conference Programme)

Moreover, a dinner was organised on 12th September (Wednesday) in the embassy residence by Mrs. Elif Çomoğlu Ülgen, the Ambassador of Pretoria/Republic of South Africa, in honour of our delegation and delegation of General Prosecution Office of the Supreme Court of Appeal, which also participated in the conference and presided by Mr. Mehmet Akarca.

Following the accomplishment of the programme, 23rd Annual Conference and Plenary Meeting of IAP ended with closing addresses. Next year, the Conference and Plenary Meeting of IAP will be held in Argentina/Buenos Aires.


Annex: Programme


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