The 19th Plenary of the Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE)

Mr. Yaşar Şimşek, member of Council of Judges and Prosecutors (CJP); Mrs. Burcu Sinoplu, Rapporteur Judge of CJP and Interpreter Mrs. Çağlayan Sayhan Soydan attended the 19th Plenary of CCJE which was held in Zagreb on 7-9th November 2018.

In the Plenary, Draft Opinion No. 21 on “Prevention of Corruption among Judges” which was prepared taking into consideration the comments, recommendations and evaluations of representatives of member countries was reviewed and accepted. During the meeting, at the point where the situation of member countries was discussed, our delegation took the floor and made some explanations about some points that were mentioned about Turkey; positive developments about our country were emphasised. After the re-election of the current president and vice-president of CCJE, the meeting was concluded with the election of members of the bureau and the working groups.

Within the framework of the programme, our delegation paid a courtesy visit to the Embassy of Turkey in Zagreb and also visited the Yunus Emre Institute and was informed about the works of the Institute. It also attended the reception hosted by Mr. Duro Sessa, Term President of CCJE and President of Supreme Court; the lunch hosted by Mr. Damir Kontrec, President of Association of Croatian Judges; the dinner hosted by Mr. Drazen Bosnjakovic, Croatian Minister of Justice and had exchange of views on diverse issues with representatives of member countries.


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