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The Inspection Board consists of the President of the Inspection Board, three deputy presidents, chief inspectors and inspectors.

The Inspection Board performs its duties on behalf of the Council under the supervision of the President of the Council.

The Inspectors of the Council are accountable to the President of the Inspection Board while performing their duties. The President of the Inspection Board is accountable to the Council.

The Procedures of the Appointment; 

- The President and Deputy Presidents of the Inspection Board are appointed by the Plenary Session from among the first class judges or prosecutors with their consent.
- The chief inspectors of the Council are appointed, according to order of seniority, from among the inspectors who have actually completed five years of service in the Inspection Board of the Council, who have been allocated as first class and who have not lost qualifications to be allocated as first class. 
- The  inspectors of the Council are appointed with their consent by the Plenary Session from among the judges and prosecutors who have at least five years of experience in their profession and who have been proved to provide beneficial services to the Council by their crowning achievements.

The Inspection Board has the following duties;

- to inspect whether civil and administrative judiciary judges and prosecutors perform their duties in compliance with laws, regulations, by-laws and circulars; to examine whether they commit offenses in connection with or during the exercise of their duties, or whether their behaviours and acts are in compliance with the requirements of their capacities and duties, and if necessary, to launch examinations or investigations about them.
- to conduct the necessary research and examination into the legislative deficiencies and malfunctions in the implementation of relevant matters falling within the scope of its duties and to submit proposals to the Council regarding the judicial and administrative measures to be taken.

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