Duties of the First Chamber

The First Chamber has the following duties;


»» to conduct the following procedures concerning judges and prosecutors: Appointment and transference; granting temporary authorizations; distribution of cadres; granting permanent authorizations and all sorts of permissions except for those regarding annual or casual leaves.

»» to grant permissions to judges and prosecutors to attend training programmes in conformity with the demands and in accordance with the planning conducted by the Justice Academy of Turkey.

»» to determine training courts for pre-service training.

»» to have the Inspection Board inspected whether judges and prosecutors perform their duties in compliance with laws, regulations, by-laws and circulars.

»» to inspect notices and complaints about judges and prosecutors and to do the necessary.

»» to scrutinize via the Inspection Board whether judges or prosecutors commit offenses in connection with or during the exercise of their duties or whether their behaviours and acts are in compliance with the requirements of their capacities and duties, and if necessary, to submit proposals to the President of Council to file examinations or investigations or to propose lack of necessity of these concerning the judges and prosecutors.

»» to determine the nearest heavy criminal court, the district courts of appeals and the district administrative courts for the execution of the duties defined by the relevant laws.

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