Duties of the Second Chamber

The Second Chamber has the following duties concerning judges and prosecutors;


»» to conduct all kinds of procedures regarding to the promotion and allocation as first class,

»» to render decisions upon the investigation whether the judges and prosecutors have committed an offense in connection with or during the exercise of their duties and to render decisions concerning the result of disciplinary investigations and prosecutions.

»» to decide on transference with temporary authorizations or suspension from office due to disciplinary or criminal investigations and prosecutions,

»» to render decisions about those who are not considered appropriate to continue performing their profession,

»» to conduct procedures concerning the permissions for temporary assignments and the requests of transferring to the other institutions.

»» to admit the trainee judges and prosecutors to the profession.

»» to render decisions concerning requests for reassignment as a judge or a prosecutor and for assignment as a judge or a prosecutor from other professions.

»» to render decisions concerning withdrawal, being considered as withdrawn and dismissal from the profession.

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