Human Rights

The duties of the Human Rights Bureau that continues its activities within the Secretariat General of our Council are as follows:

  1. To carry out the following duties about the ECHR judgments that concern CJP:
    1. Following the current judgments about disciplinary law and appointment;
    2. Doing the translation and compilation works if needed;
    3. Creation of a databank of ECHR judgments and sharing this with the related bureaus,
  2. To respond to opinion requests by the Ministry of Justice that will constitute the merits of the defence prepared in the cases opened against Turkey before the European Court of Human Rights,
  3. To organise national and international symposiums, trainings and workshops in order to raise the Council inspectors and rapporteur judges’ awareness of the ECHR jurisprudence,
  4. To prepare annotations about ECHR jurisprudence if demanded by the related bureaus of the Presidency of Inspection Board and the Secretariat General.
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