Mehmet Akif EKİNCİ
Mehmet Akif EKİNCİ

Acting President of CJP

Head of the Second Chamber

Mr. Ekinci was born in Cizre in 1967. He completed his undergraduate education at İstanbul University, Faculty of Law in 1992.

He launched his career as judge candidate in İstanbul and served as public prosecutor in Mardin, Meriç, Silivri and İstanbul respectively. Between the years of 2014 and 2017 Mr. Ekinci worked as İstanbul Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor.

Mr. Ekinci was selected as the member of Council of Judges and Prosecutors in 2017 by President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Having served as member for four years Mr. Ekinci was selected as the member of the CJP for the second time pursuant to the decision published in Official Gazette no 31493 of 27 May 2021.

On 7 June 2021 Mr. Ekinci was elected as the President of the 2nd Chamber and the Acting President of CJP by the Plenary Session. He is married with one child.

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