Murat PALA
Murat PALA

Deputy of Secretary General

He was born in Gürün, Sivas, in 1980. After completing his elementary, secondary and highschool education in Samsun, he graduated from the Law Faculty at the Marmara University in 2003. He then completed his master’s degree in the private law department at the Institute of Social Sciences of the Erzincan University. He started his judicial carreer as judge candidate in Istanbul in 2006, and as of 2007 he worked as the judge of Çiçekdağı, the judge of Ardahan, the judge of Bilecik, and a Rapporteur Judge at the Head Department of the Administrative and Financial Affairs at the Ministry of Justice. As of 2014 he began working as a Rapporteur Judge at the Council of Judges and Prosecutors, and as of 21.01.2019 he was appointed as a Deputy Secretary General at the CJP. He is married and has 2 children.

Telephone : 0 312 204 12 17 - E-mail :


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