Selçuk TELLİ
Selçuk TELLİ

Deputy President of the Inspection Board

He was born in 17.09.1977, and completed his elementary, secondary and highschool education in Düziçi, Osmaniye, which is his hometown. He completed his bachelors degree which he started in 1994 in the Law Faculty of the Ankara University in 1998, and completed his master’s degree in the Department of Private Law at the Institute of Social Sciences of the Selçuk University in Konya in 2010.  

He started his judicial carreer in 2002 and worked as a judge in Hatay, Göksun, Cihanbeyli, Mardin, respectively. He then attended a four-month in-service training at the Court of Cassation. In 2011 he was appointed as a judicial inspector. In 12.02.2013 he was appointed to the parliamentary inquiry Commission founded within the Grand National Assembly in order for the detection and prevention of the violations of the freedom of communication and the confidentiality of the private life.

On behalf of the auditing board he performed the financial and administrative audit of the Justice Academy for 2015 and 2016. He also attended several trainings arranged by the Department of Education at the Ministry of Justice. He contributed greatly to the preparation and compilation of the training materials for the project called "the judicial databank" conducted jointly by general directorate of criminal records and statistics and the departments of Informatics and Training in order for the judicial data to be entered into UYAP accurately, in full and on time.

In 13.03.2017 he was appointed as a Deputy President of the Inspection Board at the CJP.

He speaks English. He is married and has two children.


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