Visit by the Minister of Justice of North Macedonia and His Delegation to our Council

A study visit was paid by a delegation, led by the Minister of Justice Mr Bojan MARİCHİKJ and the Deputy President of Judicial Council Mr Milazim MUSTAFA from the Republic of North Macedonia to our Council on 6 April 2021.

The guest delegation was received by a delegation headed by Mr. Mehmet Yılmaz, the Acting President of the CJP and composed of Deputy Secretary General Mrs Müjgan KARYAĞDI and Rapporteur Judges Mr Mehmet Emre SARIYILDIZ and Mr Zeki UYSAL. Besides, the guest delegation was accompanied by the Head of Department Mr. M. İlker BELGİN and Rapporteur Judge Ms. İrem APAYDIN of the Directorate General of Foreign Relations and EU Affairs of the Ministry of Justice.

During the meeting, the guest delegation was informed in detail on the judicial system of our country and the CJP in terms of its organization, functioning and duties. Also, the guest delegation gave information about the judicial system, especially the judicial reforms introduced over the past two years in North Macedonia and stressed on the works on the digitalisation of justice as a matter of importance. Moreover some details were shared about the judicial systems of both countries through reciprocally asked questions. In this scope, a briefing booklet on the CJP and the Declaration of Ethics for Turkish Judiciary were presented to the guest delegation and the meeting ended following the mutually expressed wishes for enhancing bilateral relations and exchange of gifts.   



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